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Many incidents happen on college campuses that can leave a witness confused on what to do. Blert! is here to take away that uncertainty through its ability to provide answers to murky situations. No matter how minor an event may seem, campus safety is always on the other end ready to help and provide answers.
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Risk Free Reporting

Risk Free Reporting

Want campus safety to investigate a situation but to remain anonymous? That's okay! Blert! allows users to report anything suspicious, unsafe, or dangerous without having to provide any personal information.

Important Info for Staying Safe

Important Info for Staying Safe

Colleges have so many safety policies and procedures that it's impossible to remember them all. We feel your pain. Blert! comes with the ability to access all those important documents in one convenient location.

Show the Activity

Show the

Detail is key when reporting an issue that requires investigation. So why type when you can snap a photo or video? Blert! allows usage of image and video files when communicating with campus safety.

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Personal safety isn't something you should take for granted. Blert! is dedicated to making your campus a safe environment. Let your school know you want Blert! in the hands of all its students.

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